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Core Cancer Foundation was established in 2000 in Delhi by a voluntary group of doctors, cancer survivors and other professionals who are committed to the cause of eradicating Cancer in India. We at Core Cancer Foundation have joined hands with various institutions and organisations to work for the awareness and prevention of Cancer. 

Core Cancer Foundation raises awareness through its various Workshops and Events it has undertaken in India. The main objective of the workshops is to engage those who may not understand the implications of the disease of Cancer and all the causes, which through lifestyle changes can prevent the onset of the disease. 

Many Workshops have been undertaken in Schools, reaching out to the young to educate them from an early age to prevent them from making such lifestyle choices which may later damage their health. The very same children can then advise their parents who may not have the opportunity to understand the disease. 

These Events by Core Cancer Foundation are not limited to the environments of the school classrooms, larger events have been carried out at Saket Select Citywalk with special guests from school children attending as well as the general public at the location who can benefit from the advice given by the NGO. 

In the last few years, Core Cancer Foundation initiated the Jagriti an inter-school quiz involving 40 schools of the NCR Region as well participating in the Delhi Marathon for increasing visibility of our anti-tobacco campaign. The Nukkad Natak Presentations were also introduced involving various Delhi school children who then went to present to the general public at Select Citywalk. 

We provide practical advice which is accessible to all people from different walks of life especially focussing on those less fortunate and in need for greater knowledge and education in relation to the disease of Cancer and its prevention.

Our Mission

To fight Cancer at its core
To create awareness about all preventable causes of cancer

Our Programmes

We have two Programmes which we use to promote our cause, they are:

ATAP Programme:

The purpose of this Programme is to create awareness about the harmful effects of Tobacco. This programme includes:

  • Workshops
  • Talks & Quizzes
  • Art Competitions
  • Street Plays
  • Public Events
  • Signature Campaigns

 CAP Programme:

The purpose of this Programme is to create awareness about prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of Cancer.